We’ve been in the wedding industry for many years now and here’s something we’ve learned: there’s room for everyone. But you need a brand that connects the head and the heart. That means a stand-out website that takes people on a journey, coupled with compelling, cliché-free copy that gets them pressing that ‘Book Now’ button.

That’s where we come in.

We’re a group of creatives, passionate about thoughtful design, beautiful words, and consciously crafted brands. Based across the UK and US, we work with wedding vendors of all shapes and sizes to create brands that connect.

this is our story



Brand Strategist, Designer (aka creative head honcho) & adventure seeker



Austin is always hyped on life. ✌️ As an enneagram 7, you can count on him to be the life of the party, the scatter-brained friend and the one to chase every new adventure. He is passionate about walking alongside other business owners, helping them to build the brand and business of their dreams. Usually you’ll find him on his computer working hard for his clients or filming a wedding, traveling or eating. Actually, you can probably always catch him eating no matter what he’s doing.

Can’t live without: A dream to chase

Pet peeve: Talking with your mouth full

Can’t get enough of: Everything. Seriously he has a problem with always wanting more.

One piece of advice: Life is now. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you could be living up today.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR + Brand Designer (aka mood board queen) & art history buff



Emily’s passion for art has taken her around the world; from studying a Bachelors in Fine Art & Graphic Design in the midwest and taking all the art history courses out there to living in Rome. These days you can find her cozied up in her favorite vintage velvet barrel chair, working on the next branding project. An Aquarius who often has her head in the clouds, Emily loves creating identities that will set creative businesses up for success. She especially loves happy hour with friends and diving deep into life’s biggest questions.

Can’t live without: My Nespresso machine.


Can’t get enough of: Traveling! New terrains and new cultures are so inspiring to me.

One piece of advice: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, INVEST IN YOURSELF, BE KIND, AND LIFE WILL OPEN DOORS FOR YOU. You’re never too old or too young to go after your dreams and be who you want to be. 

Copywriter (aka all-round-word-person) & historical drama fanatic  



Aimée's fave thing about being a copywriter is working with a ton of big-hearted, passionate, and soulful creatives. She loves helping people like you build joyful, thriving businesses. Aimée majored in English Literature and Creative Writing and uses her wordsmithery in the weird and wonderful world of advertising. She knows how real the struggle is when trying to write about yourself (ahem, right now) but she knows how to craft a killer about page for clients. She’s based in Northern Ireland and likes it there because it always rains. And funny enough rainy days, cozy rooms, and jazz playlists are pure writing alchemy.

Can’t live without: My American spell checker

Pet peeve: The phrase ‘you do you.’

Can’t get enough of: Collecting handmade pottery and sculptures of tiny houses 

One piece of advice: If you feel called to pursue something, then do it. Painting or dancing, playing music or writing poetry. Don’t worry if you’re not much good. Do it because there’s a voice within you that can’t be silenced.

the one who keeps us all in line



Jessica is everyone’s favourite person and she just so happens to be the sweetest human you’ll ever meet. She loves helping people realize their dreams and be the best version of themselves. From meeting with clients over dinner, photographing weddings, and making us all swoon with her English accent and sparkles, Jessica is a gal you want in your corner.  

Can’t live without: chocolate

Pet peeve: slow talkers

Can’t get enough of: our dog ziggy

One piece of advice: be kind, the world needs more kindness!

design partner + web designer (aka your resident homebody & pasta lover)



Maya has never stuck to the traditional path and has always surrounded herself with creatives in all kinds of places. Coming from the entertainment industry creating atmospheres through lighting and stage design for people to experience their favorite music, she has transferred that talent to creating digital atmospheres for other creative to thrive! You can find Maya utilizing her talents huddled up on the couch and watching her favorite shows for the 10th time with some pasta being cooked in the kitchen.

Can’t live without: her kitty cat 'Zero'.

Pet peeve: people who are rude to service people.

Can’t get enough of: completely planning out a future home that is way out of budget.

One piece of advice: The worst that can happen is they say no. This is something i have always lived by in situations of putting yourself out there and exploring your comfort zone. It never hurts to ask. This has landed me a lot of really cool opportunities.

Meet The Team

If you’re a professional creative in the wedding industry ready to elevate business, earn more money, book your dreams clients, and create work you love – then, hi – you’re in the right place. 

We Are
The Creative

IDENTITY EXPLORATION /  Custom Web Design / Copy Support  /  BRAND DESIGN

what we can help with

Three reasons we’re the ones for you 

There’s no fake empathy here – we mean it when we say that we know what you’re going through. As wedding vendors ourselves we’ve been through it all too; from the adrenaline rush of shooting weddings to chugging coffee and frantically editing photos at 3 am. As  photographers, videographers, and graphic designers, we've served hundreds of couples. So, we know our stuff from multiple different angles. Now, it’s our turn to help you. 

We know the industry inside out.

I mean…. if you couldn’t already tell from our photos. Joking aside, our relationships with our clients are rooted in trust and authenticity. We want to create branding that you’ll love and communicates the spirit of your business. Our mission is to help you  flourish, both as a business owner and a human. Call us your hype people, or your branding people - whatever works.

We’re really fun people. Honest.

Web design, copywriting and branding are very different skill sets. Our team bring a variety of expertise and knowledge to the table and together, we’re your one-stop shop for all your website needs. You’ll save a ton of time and money trying to outsource to different freelancers. And because we do everything in-house, you can be sure your work is all visually and verbally cohesive. 

We’re a full-service creative team.

easy peasy lemon squeezy, let's design YOUR FRESH NEW brand experience